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Job Descriptions

Below is the list of job descriptions for Guilford County Schools. These files are in pdf format and you will need the Acrobat Reader to view them. Click on the letter below to jump to the job description starting with: A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / L / M / N / O / P / R / S / T / W / Y / Z



Academic Coaches
Academic Coach - Beginning Teacher-Lateral Entry

Academic Coach - Middle School Mathematics
Academic Coach - Regional
Academy Coordinator
Accounting Specialist
Accounting Technician - Finance
Accounts Payable Technician
ACES Clerk
ACES Group Leader
ACES Assistant Site Coordinator
ACES Site Coordinator
Assessment Specialist - Accountability and Research
Assistant Director - Maintenance
Assistant Director - Career Technical Education
Assistant Director – Transportation Supp Services and Route Operations
Assistant Director – Transportation Vehicle Maint/Route Operations
Assistant Principal
Assistant Project Manager - Furniture & Equipment
Assistant Purchasing Officer
Assistant Shop Foreman - Transportation Dept
Athletic Director
Audio/Video Technician
Audio-Visual Specialist
Autism Lead Teacher
- top -


Behavior Support - Intervention Specialist

Broadcast Production Manager
Budget Technician - Career Technical Education
Budget Technician - Federal and Special Programs
Bus Driver - CSRS Trainer
Bus Driver - Gus
Bus Driver - Refueling Unit Operator
Bus Driver - Shuttle
Bus Driver
- top -


Career Development Coordinator – Information Technology
Carpenter I
Carpenter II
Carpentry Foreman
Carpet Maintenance Technician
Central Routing Specialist
Chief Academic Officer
Chief Accountability & Research Officer
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Curriculum and Organizational Development Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Information and Special Services Officer
Chief of Staff
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Student Services Officer
CIS Volunteer Coordinator
Clerk Testing Materials
Communications – Cabling Technician
Communications Engineer
Communications Specialist - Dispatcher
Communications Technician
Compliance Officer-Special Education Services
Computer Delivery-Surplus Property Worker
Computer Repair Technician
Computer Repair Technician II
Coordinator – American History Grant Project
Coordinator - AP and IB Programs
Coordinator - Character Education
Coordinator - Communications

Coordinator - Exceptional Children
Coordinator - Foreign Languages
Coordinator - Grand Pals/Bridges
Coordinator - Guilford Parent Academy, Partnerships and Community Relations
Coordinator - Math and Science Project
Coordinator - MWBE
Coordinator - School Nutrition Services - Staffing
Coordinator - School Nutrition Services Menu Planning/Nutrition Ed
Coordinator - Testing Materials Warehouse
Coordinator – Youth Development
Cost Clerk I
Cost Clerk II
Counselor - Substance Abuse
Courier-Print Shop Worker
Community Services- Alternatives Coordinator
Curriculum Coach
Curriculum Coordinator - Literacy K-12
Curriculum Facilitator
Curriculum Specialist - Arts Education
Curriculum Specialist - Communication Skills
Curriculum Specialist - Early Childhood
Curriculum Specialist - GEMS
Curriculum Specialist - Health and Physical Education
Curriculum Specialist Instructional Technology Integration
Curriculum Specialist K-8 Literacy - English - Lang Arts
Curriculum Specialist - Math
Curriculum Specialist - Math K-8
Curriculum Specialist - Math 9-12
Curriculum Specialist - Reading
Curriculum Specialist - -Science
Curriculum Specialist - Social Studies K-8
Curriculum Specialist
Custodial Equipment Repair Technician
Custodial Specialist
Custodian I
- top -


Database Manager - Mission Possible
Data Analyst - Accountability and Research
Data Entry Technician
Data Manager I – EC Student Information
Data Manager I - Student Information
Data Manager II - Student Information
Director - Accounting/Asst Finance Office
Director - Advanced Learner Education
Director - After School Programs
Director - Athletics and Student Activities
Director - Benefits
Director - Character Education - Safe and Drug Free Schools
Director - Construction
Director - Data and Evaluation
Director - Early College Academy
Director - Employment
Director - Employee Relations
Director - ESOL
Director - Exceptional Children
Director - Facilities Planning
Director - Formative Assessment
Director - Grants
Director - Health Services
Director - Library Media Services
Director - Magnet and Choice Schools
Director - Maintenance
Director - Payroll
Director - Preschool Programs
Director - Process Management
Director - Professional Development
Director - School Nutrition Services
Director - Security and School Safety
Director - Staffing Operations
Director - Student Assignment
Director - Student Data Information
Director - Tech Prep and Vocational Education
Director - Technology
Director - Testing Administration
Director - Title I
Director - Transportation
Director - Virtual Learning Opportunities
District Library Media Specialist
District Relations Officer
District Student Support Specialist
Diversity Officer
Diversity Specialist
- top -


Educational Interpreter
Electrical Foreman
Electrician I
Electrician II
Energy Engineer
Environmental Compliance Officer
Equipment Mechanic
ESOL Interpreter/Community Liaison
Executive Assistant I - Chief Administrative Officer
Executive Assistant I - Superintendent's Office
Executive Assistant II
Executive Coordinator - Academic Services
Executive Coordinator - Project Management
Executive Director - Advanced Learners
Executive Director - Assessment and Evaluation
Executive Director - Curriculum and Instruction High School
Executive Director - Curriculum and Instruction Pre K-8
Executive Director - Exceptional Children
Executive Director - Facilities
Executive Director - Federal and Special Programs
Executive Director - Human Resources Operations
Executive Director - Human Resources
Executive Director - Induction and Professional Development
Executive Director - Innovative Services
Executive Director - Saturn
Executive Director - School Support
Executive Director - Student Support Services
Executive Director – Talent Development
- top -


Fixed Assets - Textbooks Specialist
Food Service Foreman
Formative Assessment Coach - Regional
- top -


General Assistant
Graduation Coach
Grounds Keeper I
Grounds Foreman
Grounds Keeper II
- top -


Hearing Officer
Heavy Equipment Foreman
Heavy Equipment Operator I
Heavy Equipment Operator II
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning - DDC Specialist II
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Foreman
Human Resource Specialist - Health Benefits
Human Resource Specialist - Leaves of Absence
Human Resource Specialist - Retirement and Disability
Human Resource Specialist - Staffing
Human Resource Specialist - Workers' Compensation
HVAC Specialist I
HVAC Specialist II

- top -


ILT Lateral Coach
Induction Support Coach
Infant - Toddler Intake Coordinator
Instructional Technology Specialist
Instrument Repair Technician
Itinerant Crisis Assistant – Exceptional Children
- top -


JDC/Scale Transition Coordinator
Job Coach - EC Assistant

Juvenile Programs Transition Counselor
- top -


Language Facilitator
Lateral Entry Specialist

Lead AAC Specialist

Lead Bus Driver
Lead Computer Repair Technician
Lead Courier
Lead Custodian I
Lead Custodian II
Learn and Earn Facilitator
Library Media Assistant
Library Media Specialist
Literacy Coach - Elementary
Literacy Coach - Middle School
Literacy Facilitator
- top -


Magnet Coordinator
Magnet Support Specialist

Manager - Community Partnerships
Manager - Communications
Manager - Media Relations
Mechanic I
Mechanic II
Mechanic III - Shop Chief
Mechanic Night Shift Supervisor
Microfilm Specialist
- top -


NCWise Administrator
NCWise Analyst
Network Analyst
Network Analyst (Exceptional Children Dept.)
- top -


Occupational Therapist
Office Manager
Office Support - High School Treasurer
Office Support – Middle School Secretary-Treasurer
Office Support I - Central Office
Office Support I - School Based
Office Support II - Central Office
Office Support II - Guidance Secretary
Office Support II - Information Technology
Office Support II – Registrar
Office Support II - School Based
Office Support II - Transportation Zone
Office Support III - Central Office
Office Support III - Elementary School Secretary - Treasurer
Office Support III - School Based
Office Support IV - Central Office
Office Support V - Central Office
Organizational Facilitator-Talent Development High School
- top -


Paideia Coordinator
Painter I
Painter II
Parent Educator
Parent Liaison-Exceptional Children's Department
Parts Clerk
Parts Foreman
Parts Procurement Specialist
Payroll Specialist
Payroll Team Leader
Physical Therapist
Plumber I
Plumber II
Plumbing Foreman
Pre-K Curriculum Coach
Principal (Public/Separate)
Printing Technician
Procurement Card Administrator
Professional Development Trainer
Program Administrator EC - School Support
Program Administrator EC - Curriculum and Instructional Support
Program Administrator I - Accounting
Program Administrator I – Business Manager
Program Administrator I - Custodial Services
Program Administrator I - Data Analyst (Maintenance)
Program Administrator I - IPM Coordinator
Program Administrator I - Media Relations
Program Administrator I - Payroll
Program Administrator I - Process Management Lead Auditor
Program Administrator I - Professional Development
Program Administrator I - School Nutrition Services Business
Program Administrator I - School Nutrition Services Finance
Program Administrator I - Staffing
Program Administrator I - Strategic Planning and Partnerships
Program Administrator I - Training and Recruiting (Transportation)
Program Administrator II - ACES Business
Program Administrator II - Assement and Evaluation
Program Administrator II - Broadcast Productions
Program Administrator II - Budget/Accounting
Program Administrator II - Capital Projects
Program Administrator II - Communications
Program Administrator II - Community Relations
Program Administrator II - Community Use of Facilities/Shared Use Agreement
Program Administrator II - Compensation and Classification
Program Administrator II - Custodial Services
Program Administrator II - District Communications
Program Administrator II - Employment (Recruiting/Eligibility)
Program Administrator II - Employment (Recruiting/Placement)
Program Administrator II - Energy/HVAC
Program Administrator II - Program Administrator II - Fixed Assets, Risk Management, Textbooks 
Program Administrator II - Facility
Program Administrator II - General Services
Program Administrator II - Health and Safety
Program Administrator II - Internal Relations
Program Administrator II - Lateral Entry
Program Administrator II - Parent Academy
Program Administrator II - Payroll
Program Administrator II - Position Control
Program Administrator II - Roofing Systems
Program Administrator II - School Accounting
Program Administrator II - School Planning
Program Administrator II - Student Assignment
Program Administrator II – Support Services and Special Projects
Program Administrator II - TIMS Coordinator
Program Administrator II - Web and Digital Productions
Progran Administrator II - Youth Risk Coordinator
Program Administrator III-Demographer
Program Administrator III - ACES
Program Administrator III - Library Media Services
Program Administrator III – Mobiles and Special Projects
Program Administrator III - Professional Development
Program Administrator III - School Support
Program Administrator III - Therapy Services
Program Facilitator - Speech-Language, Hearing, etc
Program Facilitator - Advanced Learner Education
Program Facilitator - Exceptional Children's Pre-School
Program Facilitator - Exceptional Children
Program Manager - Video Production
Program Specialist - Mission Possible
Program Specialist - Testing (ESOL Department)
Program Specialist - Title I
Program Specialist II - Organizational Development
Program Specialist II - Parent Engagement
Program Specialist II - Software Specialist
Program Specialist III - Evaluation
Program Specialist III - Testing
Program Specialist III - VOCATS
Programmer - Analyst I
Programmer - Analyst I - Accountablility and Research
Programmer - Analyst I - HR Operations
Programmer - Analyst II
Project Manager - Construction
Project Director for 21st CCLC
Project Trainer (Technology)
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Officer
Purchasing Support Specialist I
Purchasing Support Specialist II
- top -


Reading Coach (High School)
Reading Teacher (High School)
Receiving - Assistant Warehouse Manager

Receiving-Fixed Assets Specialist
Refrigeration Technician
Regional Executive Director
Regional Superintendent
Regional Superintendent – Enrichment
Research Specialist - Accountability and Research
Roofing - Paving Foreman
Roofing Paving Specialist I
Roofing Paving Specialist II
Route Mechanic Coordinator - Transportation Department
- top -


Safety Assistant - Transportation
Satellite Team Chief - Foreman
School Counselor
School Nurse - School Based
School Nurse - Student Services
School Nutrition Services Administrative Technician
School Nutrition Services Assistant I
School Nutrition Services Assistant II
School Nutrition Services Assistant III
School Nutrition Services Business Manager
School Nutrition Services Cafeteria Manager
School Nutrition Services Community Meals Manager
School Nutrition Services Office Manager
School Nutrition Services Operations Supervisor
School Nutrition Services Stand-By Child Nutrition Assistant
School Nutrition Services Standby Cafeteria Manager
School Social Worker
School Support Officer
School Based Testing Coordinator
Science Teacher Lead Mentor - QUEST
Senior Communications Engineer
Senior Network Analyst
Senior Purchasing Agent
Senior Sims Administrator
Senior Systems Administrator
Shop Foreman - Transportation Department
SIMS Administrator
Social Worker
Specialist - Transportation Support Services
Speech-Language Pathologist
Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Staffing and Recruitment Specialist - Enrichment Region
Strategic Planning & Project Management Officer
Student Information Administrator I
Student Information Administrator II
Student Information Administrator II-Parent Assistant
Student Intervention Assistant
Student Services Administrator
Student Support Specialist - Sixteen and Seventeen
Supervisor - Counseling Services

Supervisor - DOP and Social Work Services
Supervisor - Engineering and Construction
Supervisor - Networking and Technical Support
Supervisor - Print Shop
Supervisor - Psychological Services
Supervisor - Social Work Services
Supervisor - Systems Programming
Supervisor - Technology Communications
Supervisor - Vehicle Maintenance
Supply Technician
Support Specialist - School Safety
Surplus Manager - Copier Coordinator
Surplus Property Specialist I
Surplus Property Specialist II
- top -


Teacher - Adapted PE
Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant - Braille
Teacher Assistant - BSA
Teacher Assistant - Exceptional Children
Teacher Assistant – DCA
Teacher Assistant - PCA
Teacher Assistant - Exceptional Children Regional Behavior Support
Teacher - Behavior Improvement (High School)
Teacher - CTE Industry Ed Coordinator (Business Ed, Health Occupations, FACS, and Marketing Ed)
Teacher - CTE Career Dev Coordinator for Academies
Teacher - Exceptional Children
Teacher - Exceptional Children BED Itinerant
Teacher - Exceptional Children Home-Hospital
Teacher - Exceptional Children Preschool
Teacher - Exceptional Children Regional Behavior Support
Teacher – Exceptional Children Transition
Teacher - Orientation and Mobility
Teacher - Virtual Learning
Teacher - Visually Impaired
Technology Assistant
Technology Coach - Regional
Technology Purchasing Specialist
Technology Specialist-Exceptional Children
Technical Support Specialist I
Technical Support Specialist II
Technician - Testing Materials Warehouse
Telecommunications - Security Foreman
Telecommunications - Security Specialist
Testing Coordinator - Intermittent Substitute
TIMS Data Manager
Transportation Support Services Specialist
Treasurer-Data Manager
- top -


User Support Specialist I
User Support Specialist II


Vehicle Maintenance Route Coordinator


Warehouse Specialist - Maintenance
Web Applications Designer
Web Technician
- top -


Zone Routing Specialist
Zone Transportation Supervisor
- top -

In compliance with federal laws, Guilford County Schools administers all educational programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination because of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, color, age, military service, disability or gender, except where exemption is appropriate and allowed by law. Refer to the Board of Education's Discrimination Free Environment Policy AC for a complete statement. Inquiries or complaints should be directed to the Guilford County Schools Compliance Officer, 120 Franklin Boulevard, Greensboro, NC 27401; 336.370.2323.

All Guilford County Schools facilities, both educational and athletic, are tobacco-free learning environments.

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