Report Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

Report Bullying, Harassment and DiscriminationHave you or someone you know been bullied, harassed or discriminated against? Harassment, bullying or discrimination are serious and will not be tolerated, and we encourage you to tell a teacher, counselor, principal or regional office staff member. You can report any type of bullying at your school or school-sponsored event, on or off campus.  Harassment, bullying and discrimination can occur face to face, in writing or even through the internet, emailing or text messaging. Cyberbullying happens when people use personal websites to support deliberate, repeated and hostile behavior intended to harm another person. Guilford County Schools takes these types of behavior very seriously, and we’re dedicated to providing positive environments for our children. If you’ve experienced any of the types of behavior above, or even if you’ve witnessed them, we encourage you to report them, and you can do so using the form below. Please note that your name and phone number are optional.

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